Lincoln's Leg Buster Hill Workout

Looking for a local workout to really test your hill sprint capability? Or maybe you just want to win that COBL Social Saturday Michaelgate hill climb finish. 

Either way, this workout is a proven favourite of Lincolns top riders. 
To tailor this workout to your ability, simply scale the workout up or down by adjusting the repetitions of each hill.
Warm Up
  • 5 minute leg spin in Heart Rate Zone 2
  • 5 x 15 second seated sprint every minute, on the minute for 5 minutes
Hill Intervals (Max Effort)
  • 3 x Spring Hill (starting from the Cheese Society) 
  • 1 minute recovery between intervals
  • Ride to Burton Village to reduce heart rate to Zone 2
  • 3 x Burton Village Hill
  • 2 minute recovery between intervals
  • Ride to North Carlton to reduce heart rate to Zone 2
  • 3 x North Carlton Hill
  • 3 minute recovery between intervals
Cool Down
  • 10 minute leg spin/gentle ride home.